nearing alpha release for brigadehub

28 Mar 2016 . tech . Comments #civic #c4a #programming #brigadehub #c4sf #project lifecycle

Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve been blogged. As of late, I’ve been diving into my work with Code for San Francisco, SF’s local Code for America volunteer brigade. After a few months of trying to maintain their Jekyll-based site, I realized that with a core team of upward of 10 people, having one or two people be the bottleneck for content was just not going to fly. After looking at solutions other brigades have deployed, and weighing the pros and cons of each, I decided to shoot into the dark and see if I could hit something. I started working on a brigade-specific CMS, which I called brigadehub. This CMS, in my view, was to replace and consolidate all of the automatable tasks of the brigade into a single online portal, where the Member Support team could onboard new members, and Project Leads could track the progress of their CfA project. I snagged a copy of a bootstrap hackathon starter, and started tearing into it over a couple days.

Well, it’s been a few weeks since that fateful decision. Brigadehub has grown, out of a small idea and whim of a website admin, into a full-fledged project with international support. Our team consists of designers, project managers, marketers, and developers, dedicated to the idea that we can make the lives of brigade leaders easier. We’ve synced up with teams in San Mateo, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Poland, and are getting some great feedback so far.

We took our idea to CodeAcross, CfA’s international hackathon, and had a great response. We got 2-3 more developers working on it, and were closing in on the elusive Alpha release, which we were aiming for by the end of it. We didn’t hit that mark, sadly, but it got us a good portion of the way towards completing this round of the application

We are now rounding in on what we believe will be a strong alpha candidate, and once complete, we hope to move Code for San Francisco’s website over to it, full-time. It’s a big endeavor, and it’s gong to require a lot to actually hit it, but I strongly believe that we can do it. Our very own Andrew Bacon pulled together a fantastic proposal for the brigadehub logo, and the different technical pieces are falling into place to make sure this app runs properly on launch (or at least shortly thereafter :P ). The amazing work of the team so far has been spectacular, and their continued enthusiasm is truly making this an experience worth treasuring.

If you’d like to take a look at the current status of brigadehub, check out the github repo, or shoot us a message on sfbrigade’s slack team, channel #brigadehub.

Until next time,