Gone to the dark side. Also, a new NPM module.

23 Feb 2015 . tech . Comments #node.js #npm #module #google #mac #apple #osx #linux #dev-tools

And yet another confession. I’m moving to Mac. With my new job starting with Mashape in two weeks, I am in need of a new development machine, and have been bit in the past when going the route of gaming PCs. The last one I got had the hard drive fail THE FIRST DAY, and the one before that lasted 6 months before the screen went out completely. With most of the dev community on Mac, I know that most of what I want to do is accomplishable with Mac, but I’ve had so many years of Apple-hating that I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself… until I start figuring out Better Touch Tools… cuz that looks srsly legit.

Also, this morning I published my new NPM module, google-adwords. It provides a simple interface to access the Google Analytics Reporting API, via the AWQL query language. It’s features are a bit limited currently, I’m going to be updating it over the next little while with more sweets, so keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll see what I can squeeze into that little guy.

Hope you all are well!