A Fond Farewell & New Beginnings

13 Feb 2015 . tech . Comments #unn #node #meetup #org

As of this week, I’ve made the difficult decision to step down as the Utah Node Ninjas organizer. I’ve worked closely with the group since its inception 7 months ago, and have had a blast working with the Node.js community here in Utah, but as I continue working with the io.js website team, on top of a full-time job and freelancing, I am finding that I can’t contribute to the organization of the group in the way it deserves. The new organizer, Mike (majgis on Github), has been part of the organizing committee for about a month, and has really stepped up to the plate with organizing and taking charge. I have no doubt in my mind he will do great things with the group, and will continue to make it a great asset to the development community here in Utah. I will continue to attend, and if anyone needs assistance or mentoring when it comes to Node I am still available to help, but will taking a more hands-off approach to the group.

This ushers in a new adventure for me, as I have begun working more and more with the io.js Website Working Group, and have been having a blast. We just released this week the new Gulp.js build process for templating and i18n, and it seems to be running quite smoothly. We had an incredible response from the community for localization of the site, and have got in the neighborhood of 27 individual localization teams in different languages curating the content and translation of the site. We are also looking at expanding it: a Guide section, a blog, a more complex release page.

So while one chapter of my community involvement is closing, another one is just starting to take off, and great things are on the horizon.