A self-taught software engineer, I am passionate about learning and implementing stable, modern code. I’ve been active in various volunteer organizations, serving as team lead for Code for San Francisco’s Website and Tools Team, facilitating the Node.js Website Working group for over 6 months, and spearheading Brigadehub, a proposed CMS for Code for America volunteer brigades.

I am an avid advocate for Open Source, am building a new documentation standard for OSS projects, I’ve published numerous active NPM modules, and am constantly looking for more projects to chip in on. I know where I got my start, so I strive to help new-comers to the development world get their bearings, while trying to push for an increased awareness of the social and civic impact of coding. I know that code can’t solve everything, but I intend to use my skills the best I can to help others.

hack the planet.

The thoughts expressed here are my own, and only my own.


28 Mar 2016 . tech . nearing alpha release for brigadehub Comments

Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve been blogged. As of late, I’ve been diving into my work with Code for San Francisco, SF’s local Code for America volunteer brigade. After a few months of trying to maintain their Jekyll-based site, I realized that with a core team of upward of 10 people, having one or two people be the bottleneck for content was just not going to fly. After looking at solutions other brigades have deployed, and weighing the pros and cons of each, I decided to shoot into the dark and see if I could hit something. I started working on a brigade-specific CMS, which I called brigadehub. This CMS, in my view, was to replace and consolidate all of the automatable tasks of the brigade…

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  • September 2016
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    Full-stack Engineer @ Segment

  • September 2015 -

    Infrastructure Team Lead @ Code for San Francisco

  • March 2015
    - September 2016

    Full-stack Engineer over Galileo Analytics @ Mashape

  • January 2015 -
    August 2015

    Website Working Group Member / Facilitator for Node.js/io.js

  • AUGUST 2014
    - MARCH 2015

    Senior Software Engineer @ Grow

  • July 2014 -
    February 2015

    Organizer / Mentor / Presenter @ Utah Node Ninjas

  • MARCH 2013
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    Frontend Engineer @ Rain


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